I am a legal professional who is interested in making a referral to WRC. What can I expect?

You can expect a comprehensive, objective and defensible report of your client’s functional capacity, including the following components:

  • Thorough document review of the materials you provide to us
  • Detailed account of your client’s report of their injury and how it has affected them in various areas of their lives, including self-care, leisure, and work
  • Comprehensive evaluation of your client’s functional capacity, based on standardized tests, whenever possible. Physical, cognitive, and psychosocial dimensions are addressed, to provide an accurate picture of your client’s functional capacity within their life roles and physical an social environments
  • Clear summary of your client’s functional capacity
  • An opinion of your client’s ability to work at their customary occupation, or other occupation and recommendations for workplace modifications and supports
  • AnĀ  opinion of your client’s ability to care for themselves, their family, and their home, including recommendations to facilitate safety, independence, and function in these areas
  • Recommendations for further assessment, treatment, assistive devices, home modifications, etc., to optimize the client’s health and functional status, and allow for a quality of life that is as close as possible to that which they would have had, if not for their injury
  • Costs associated with the recommendations
  • We strive to provide a report within 30 to 60 days of evaluation; if a rush is required, please contact us directly.