I have been referred to WRC for a Functional Capacity Evaluation or a Cost of Care Evaluation. What can I expect?

When you attend an evaluation at WRC, you can expect to be treated with respect and to be heard. We will provide an objective opinion, regardless of who has referred you.

Please note, if you have had any recent injuries/illnesses that may affect your working to your best ability in this evaluation, you must contact us,  at 780.758.9565, before your appointment, to reschedule.

An FCE is usually a full day evaluation, you may be done earlier, but please do not book anything else on the day of your evaluation. You may be here as late as 4 or 5 pm, and will likely be quite tired afterwards.

On the day of the clinic-based evaluation, please be sure to do the following:

  • Try to get a good night’s sleep
  • Eat breakfast as the day will include physical activity.
  • Take your usual medications on the morning of the evaluation. However, do not take any additional (not routine) pain medication. If you anticipate that your pain may increase over the course of the day, do bring the pain medications to the appointment to take if needed later in the day.
  • Wear or bring clothing that allows you to move freely and safely (I suggest a sweatsuit or yoga pants and t-shirt).
  • If your injuries include your legs or hips, please bring shorts as well.
  • Bring clean, comfortable indoor shoes (no slip-ons/sandals) such as running shoes.
  • Bring any items you usually use during the day, for example, eyeglasses, brace, cane, crutches, walker, etc.
  • Bring an up-to-date list of your medications, or the medications themselves.
  • As much as possible, please avoid using scented products (e.g., cologne)

A washroom for changing your clothes is available.

There are numerous lunch options within a few blocks of the clinic. You may choose to leave the clinic for lunch or you are welcome to bring a lunch and snacks, as needed, and to use the refrigerator and microwave at the clinic.

If your evaluation includes a home visit, please do not take any extraordinary measures to clean or organize your space. We need to see how you function in your current environment, and are not there to judge. Family members are welcome to be present, and with your permission, may be called upon to provide additional information.

I have been referred to WRC for treatment. What can I expect?

Everyone who attends WRC will be treated with respect and will be heard. We will help you identify your functional goals, which may involve returning to work or other activities, coping with driving anxiety, or rejoining the community. We will work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan that helps you reach your goals.

We understand that each person is unique, so we are pleased to offer multiple strategies offered by therapists with varied experience. We may see you virtually or in person, in the clinic, in the community or in your home or workplace, depending on the nature of your needs and goals. We will communicate with your referral source/payer as needed to advocate for you and your needs.