What Can Occupational Therapy Do?

Our occupational therapists can meet an individual anywhere–in our office, at the job site, in their home, in the community–wherever they have difficulty. We assess a person’s ability to participate in all aspects of life: self-care, productivity, and leisure to determine needs.

Workplace Wellness

At WRC, we believe that remaining at work or returning to work in a timely and safe manner are important for overall quality of life. We value collaboration with employers and employees to create a treatment plan that prepares the individual for success.

Our occupational therapists have specialized training in functional capacity evaluations (physical and cognitive) and workplace safety assessment and treatment. Additional experience includes extensive mental health experience and training, work with veterans and first responders, and cognitive rehabilitation.


We offer the following workplace wellness-based services:

Return to Work Programming

Individualized programs and specialized programs including Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP) and Exposure Therapy

Stay at Work Programming

Job fit assessments (cognitive and/or physical abilities) and intervention services

Pre-Work Screening

Both physical and cognitive screening

Job Demands Analysis

Assessment, reporting, and occupational health and safety recommendations

Workplace Wellness and Consultation Services

In-house or onsite presentations addressing physical and mental wellness including workspace ergonomics, office mental health, transitions back to the office, and work/life balance.

Jobsite/workplace assessment and consultation services including ergonomic assessments and recommendations, work from home ergonomic assessments, and work from home time management and life balance.

We offer treatment packages or on a per session basis. We are happy to discuss ongoing service provision and rates. Please refer to our service package menu for pricing.